A Picture is Where it Finds YOU!

[caption id="attachment_42" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Quick as a flash!"][/caption] A slow, lazy day taking pictures can get interesting real quick - make sure you're ready when it does!  We were out shooting eagles last month and they spent most of the afternoon just hanging out in the trees being lazy.  Then out of no where an eagle came shooting over my shoulder, grabbed a fish, turned around and flew off!

Luckily I had my backup camera with my 400 lens slung over my shoulder, I quickly grabbed it, focused and shot as the eagle passed over my head.  Even more lucky (or maybe you could say "prepared"!) I had setup my backup camera when I got out that morning - and reset the exposure compensation a couple times during the day.  What turned out to be a great shot could have been a total miss if I didn't keep my equipment ready for the conditions.

Lessons learned - be ready, just in case, for when the picture finds you.  The old expression holds true - luck favors the prepared.  Hey, someone tell my wife!  I really can be trained!!