So I'm a "Chimp"!

[caption id="attachment_91" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Young Bald Eagle soaring above the Mississippi"][/caption]

See definition below . . .

chimp v. to take a digital photo and look at it on the camera’s screen.

Yes, I guess that does make me a "chimp" then. I realized this yesterday when I was standing with a group of "real" photographers shooting eagle pictures. I'd take a series of shots and review them on my screen - and out of the corner of my eye I could see a smirk and an occasional disapproving look. This has been labeled as an amateur behavior and not the proper way to make pictures. I guess it comes from the days of film, where you couldn't see your images until they were developed. It seems to be a badge of pride to not "chimp". Well, I guess I have a different opinion.
I'm out here to learn and improve my photography most of the time, and yesterday was no different. The technology of digital allows me many advantages, so I use them to the fullest. I'm able to take a series of shots and immediately look at the results on a high resolution screen and checkout the histograms. I'm able to try different exposure modes or methods of tracking focus - review, learn and correct - in real time. It's made me a better photographer.
I'm trying to learn, why wouldn't I take advantage of that!? I suggest you do also if you're trying to learn - be a proud chimp! The image above is the result of a series of experiments on different exposure techniques - I'm satisified!