Friday Funnies - June 15th

B83H2614 He Went . . . That Way!

It's all fun and games to the spectators at the air shows, but it's a deadly serious business to the performers.

These men and women are true athletes in every sense of the word - think of the strength, endurance - and guts - it takes to perform these stunts.  These performers are also carrying on a tradition that extends back to just after the first world war, although there were some early pioneers such as Didier Masson, Lincoln Beachey and Glenn Curtiss.

"Barnstormers" delighted the crowds, gave rides and introduced the upcoming generation to the thrill of flying and the importance of air power.

Looking for some good clean family fun for next Saturday's movie night?  Be sure to check out Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines! A great movie from 1965.

And the next time you see these guys on the ground after an air show, take the time and pay them their due.

Stay Focused,