Better "Lemonade" With Filters

A "lemonade shot" is one that's not quite right (out of focus, too much noise, etc) that you improved upon by accentuating the fault.  This King Fisher is a great example.

The bird was not in sharp focus and was very far away which dictated a very deep crop - really making the noise stick out.  So to make some lemonade out to this, the following formula was used:

  • Heavy noise reduction, even on the bird, which served to further smooth it out
  • A softening filter to smooth it out even more (accentuating the lack of focus on the bird)
  • A "painterly" filter even further accentuating the softness of the image.

The final result is an "artistic" image that does a nice job of presentation.  Trying to fight the reality of this shot (working contrasts and details of the bird - followed by selective sharpening) would have resulted in a mediocre shot at best, most likely ending up in the trash.

Here as some great filter packages to checkout and play with.  Give em a try!

Stay in focus,