Continuous Learning – Podcasts

Continuing with our theme of ongoing education, let’s touch on Podcasts.  A Podcast is basically an audio show (although more video based ones are becoming available) that can be downloaded and listened to on your cell phone, music player or computer.  My preferred method is in my car through my music player as I have plenty of “windshield” time.

These podcasts are not purely instructional, but rather more of a variety type show with discussions on technique, equipment, interviews and industry news.  If you haven’t tried photo podcasts before, here a few to get you started.

The Digital Photo Experience

Hosted by Canon Explorer of Light Rick Samon and talented wild life photographer Juan Pons, this is one of my favorites.  These guys are just plain down to earth, nice guys – not to mention great photographic artists.

This Week In Photography

Hosted by former U.S. Air Force photographer Frederick Van Johnson, TWIP is a very professionally executed podcast with diverse topics and excellent co-hosts

The Digital Story

Hosted by well-known photographer Derrick Story, this is an informative weekly podcast that spends a little more time on micro 4/3rds and other compact camera systems.  Derrick usually has a segment called the “nimble photographer” focusing on easy to carry/use gear and equipment.

Checkout the links and give them a try!  They can be setup to automatically download new episodes on your phone or music player so you’re already stocked with content when you want it.

Stay in focus,