Friday Funnies - July 5th

Mute Swan taking a break from parenting and enjoying a little preening time.

Just Hang'n Around . . . BITE'N MY BUTZZZ!

Spend some time with your subjects and see what they do.  It gives the animals time to get used to your presence and back to more natural habits.

Some animals are more tolerant than others, but generally speaking you'd be surprised by how many will accept you (if you're still and quiet) and return to normal behavior.

Stay in focus, 


Friday Funnies - April 20th

Mark Theriot  The fight is on Kick Me!  I'll Kick Ya Back - Get Out Of My Pond!

Another lesson in always being ready for the action.  The Coot on the left was being mercilessly chased by the other for about five minutes - you knew something had to give.  Sure enough, the "chasee" turned around and proceeded to kick the snot out of the "chaser" - and those are some serious feet to get kicked with!

I almost left this pond, but decided to hang around just in case.  It's a good thing I was prepared, this brawl was over in about 15 seconds!

Stay in focus,