Be Prepared

An unexpected fly-over by this Bald Eagle offered a unique perspective on it's prey.

It's easy when you're out on a nature photo shoot (especially if you're with other photographers) to not pay attention all the time - especially in low action settings.  But that lack of attention could cause you to miss some great, unexpected shots. 

The eagle in this opening shot was fishing way off in the wrong direction, when he suddenly decided that the trees behind me would make a good picnic area - causing him to literally fly right over my head.   Luckily I was keeping an open eye to the sky as I was chatting and had a second body with a shorter zoom lens (set for a sky action shot) hanging by my side.

A couple quick tips to keep you ready: 

  • Having causal conversations with your buddies?  Let them know that you are still paying attention to the conversation - but that you're keeping your eyes moving around looking for an unexpected target.
  • Have your camera (or better yet, have a second body) set for the most sudden scenario you could encounter.  This gives you a better chance when you have to react quickly.  It this example, I was shooting eagles low over the dark water with a dark background but I had my second body setup for a bright sky shot.

Stay in focus,