Investigate Your Subjects

I spent today as a private eye, investigating and learning . . . 

Although not a single image was taken, a lot was learned.   I was on the hunt for a White Headed Cardinal.  I saw it, I know it exists - and it's in the area I'm investigating.

I spent the day learning it's habits, where it hangs out and what it's using for food and water sources.  This investigation was done from a photographic standpoint:

  • What are the best times and directions to shoot?
  • What areas will work with the available light?
  • Are there any preferred backgrounds to take advantage of? 

I'll be well armed the next time I head out with camera in tow. 

So, what does this have to do with the White Pelican picture in this post?  That pelican is "investigative fruit" from the summer of 2012.  Time was spent locating the rookery and feeding areas as well as time of day and locations for great backgrounds.  That information was put to good use recently this summer as the image illustrates. 

Yep, the time spent waiting, watching and investigating does pay off! 

Stay in focus,