Don't Take That Picture!

5DII Eagles 2010 02 12 196 Original I recently grabbed my camera and my wife one evening to catch a great sunset, only to find out I didn't bring the requisite memory card with me (yea, rookie mistake).  So what to do now?

Well, I actually sat on a bench with my wife, held hands and watched the majesty of a great sunset!  It was a wonderful evening and reminded me that we need to take time and experience some of these moments - without your eye always stuck in a view finder.

The image leading this post comes from one of my favorite Bald Eagle locations and, as I think about it, I've never taken the time to put the camera down and just enjoy the moment.  I've never seen an eagle before three years ago - this was a "bucket" item for me and I have yet to take the time and just experience it.  This will change during the coming season - I'm going to take the time to see it with my own eyes . .  and enjoy a short moment in real life!

So a little advice, take the time for yourself every now and then - and enjoy living the moment!

Hmmm, ya know . . . now that I think about it, I know I had a memory card in that camera . . . . I wonder if my wife . . . ?   Naaa, I just forgot it!

See the light,