Friday Funnies - September 14th

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I'm a fighter jet . . . yea . . . an F-16!  Yea . . . that's it . . . I'm a FALCON!

All kids dream big . . . don't lose your inner child.

This male juvenile Wood Duck was preparing for takeoff.  You could tell he was still a bit uneasy with flight (or at least the take-off part) as it took him 4 "false starts" before he made the leap into the air on his 5th try.  And only a bit of his tail hit the water!

Stay in Focus,


Don't Take That Picture!

5DII Eagles 2010 02 12 196 Original I recently grabbed my camera and my wife one evening to catch a great sunset, only to find out I didn't bring the requisite memory card with me (yea, rookie mistake).  So what to do now?

Well, I actually sat on a bench with my wife, held hands and watched the majesty of a great sunset!  It was a wonderful evening and reminded me that we need to take time and experience some of these moments - without your eye always stuck in a view finder.

The image leading this post comes from one of my favorite Bald Eagle locations and, as I think about it, I've never taken the time to put the camera down and just enjoy the moment.  I've never seen an eagle before three years ago - this was a "bucket" item for me and I have yet to take the time and just experience it.  This will change during the coming season - I'm going to take the time to see it with my own eyes . .  and enjoy a short moment in real life!

So a little advice, take the time for yourself every now and then - and enjoy living the moment!

Hmmm, ya know . . . now that I think about it, I know I had a memory card in that camera . . . . I wonder if my wife . . . ?   Naaa, I just forgot it!

See the light,


Book Review - Ducks of North America - The Photographers Guide

Ducks Photo books are a dime a dozen, and most rehash all the same stuff over and over again - but E.J. Peiker's book is different, it's targeted specifically at one subject - ducks.  The book does cover all the standard fare topics (equipment, exposure, light, technique . . . and so on) but every subject is directed back to the book's main focus - how it relates to ducks!  The section on field techniques is very detailed and was found to be a strong benefit to enhancing my outdoor acumen - espeically the section on Outdoor Flash Photography.

Field Techniques Section:

  • Approaching Wild Ducks
  • Exposure
  • Composition
  • Natural Light Photography
  • Outdoor Flash Photography
  • Lens Technique
  • Ducks in Flight

It's an easy, enjoyable and informative read!  This is also one book that you'll keep handy as it makes a great "field guide" of ducks, both native and visitors to north america, as it is wonderfully illustrated with E.J's great images.  I use it regularly as a reference to confirm identification.

Now this is an eBook, but I consider that an advantage as it's always with me (in my iPad or iPhone) and available for that quick identification.

You haven't tried an eBook yet?  Well, this is a great one to start with then!

Purchase it Here

I have no affiliation to the vendor in the link provided other than being a satisfied customer.